Atmospheric Strata

Atmospheric Strata jewelry demonstrates the layers of our Atmosphere and various objects and phenomena that one might encounter, such as Clouds, Meteors, Satellites, and Aurora.

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Press and Honors

Yay! our Atmosphere jewelry series has been featured by awesome craft blog Craftzine!
We love their unique presentation of DIY projects, alternative crafts, and artists using craft media.
Read the article: Craftzine: Laura Cesari’s Atmospheric Strata Necklace

A Delicate Balance – Layers of the Atmosphere in Glass and Stone

The first necklace in the series, the six-strand beaded Atmospheric Strata Necklace design demonstrates the Atmospheric Strata using glass and stone beads.

Atmospheric Strata Necklace

Atmospheric Strata Necklace, Demonstrating Layers of the Atmosphere

The strands of the necklace encircle your neck in the same order that the Atmospheric Strata surround the Earth; from the center of the necklace, you are given the perspective of Earth, seeing the Atmospheric Strata radiate outward into Space.

Designer: Laura Cesari
Based on a pattern from Nature
Designer’s Note: It is my hope that this design will inspire thoughts of the complex and delicate relationship between the Earth and Atmosphere.

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