Wear your Arteries and Veins proudly!
The major Arteries and Veins of the Neck are represented as jewelry,
resulting in an intriguing style that evokes Art-Deco and Gothic themes.

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This series is dedicated to medical professionals,
artists and students learning anatomy,
vampire, goth, and halloween enthusiasts,
and anyone who has stared in awe and wonder at an anatomy textbook,
thinking how amazing our inner workings are!

Though every body is different,
the general pathways of the major Arteries and Veins are often similar:
this jewelry series approximates* the general pathways
of the Common Carotid, Subclavian Artery, Thyrocervical Trunk,
Suprascapular Artery, Costocervical Trunk, and Vertebral Artery,
Thyroid Veins, Internal Jugular, Subclavian Vein,
External Jugular, and Posterior External Jugular.

The Arteries and Veins are built with a combination of varied glass beads:
Arteries in red hues, and Veins in blue,
in sparkling, opalescent, translucent, opaque, and faceted textures,
creating a fluid and dynamic look.

Flexible wires conform comfortably to the shape of your neck.

Arteries and Veins hang on strands of transparent glass beads,
which creates a floating or tattoo-like illusion.

*Veins vary in shape and placement on every body:
not for use in surgical procedures, or as a lure for vampires.

Length: 17.25 inches / 44 centimeters
Please notify us in the “message to seller” area if you would like a different length.

Designed by Laura Cesari for Chain of Being, Summer 2011
Based on a pattern from Nature

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