Moons of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune – Proportional Astronomy Necklaces

How cool would it be if we Earthlings had not one, but many Moons in our orbit?
Would Moonlight from 63 different angles be as romantic?

Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are all known for being surrounded by wild lovely storms of Moons, ranging from rock to ice in composition, from tiny and irregular to large and round in shape, occasionally colliding in their orbits! (Jupiter has 63 known Moons, Saturn has 62, and Neptune has 13… it’s quite a party out there…)

In the Moons & Planets necklace series, the nearest Moons of each planet are represented in Moonstone, Agate, and Glass, with each Moon’s distance from the Planet measured proportionally in beads. (1 bead = 10,000 kilometers on the Moons of Saturn necklace, for example).

Check out the Moons & Planets Necklace Series, available here:
Moons of Saturn Necklace
Moons of Jupiter Necklace
Moons of Neptune Necklace

Moons of Saturn Necklace:

Moons of Neptune Necklace:

Moons of Jupiter Necklace:

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