Solar System Necklaces in the Blog-o-Verse

The Solar System Necklaces have had a very exciting couple of days!

I was very excited to discover the recent Planetary Society interview about the Solar System Necklace Series referenced on the MAKE:zine and Makers Market blogs, which bounced through TrendHunter, Neatorama, Woman’s Day, and The Daily What.

Make: Solar System Necklace – Each Bead Represents 20 Million Miles
Makers Market blog: Chain of Being featured by Planetary Society
TrendHunter: Cosmic Jewelry puts the Milky Way Galaxy on your Neck
Neatorama: Solar System Necklace
The Daily What: Nerdy Necklace of the Day
A Mirror and a Steady Hand
The Photo Stream
Woman’s Day

The post from MAKE:zine also revealed a brief mention from Dr. Raven Hanna of Made with Molecules, who makes wonderful silver molecule themed necklaces based on the shapes of molecular structures:
The Road from Maker Faire: Raven Hanna

In the discussions following the articles, readers have shared other jewelry projects they have seen that incorporate planets, stars, and other space-related themes. I haven’t seen any other designs that measure astronomical distances, but nonetheless, it was fun to see all the different creative interpretations of this classic, universal theme:

Fire Mountain Gems’ “Solar System Necklace”
Delight’s Earthly Delights “Solar Delights #1”
WonderWonder’s Solar System Necklace in Pomegranate (pictured below)
The Inspired Orb’s “Solar System Necklace”
Artsy Fartsy Lisa’s “Galaxy Necklace”
Rutigliano’s “Galaxy Necklace”
Free Time Watch referencing planetary orbits

There are even a few kids’ activities in a similar vein. A couple of them use proportional data, though with a cruder degree of accuracy:

The Solar System in Cheerios! (looks somewhat proportional, not sure of the unit)
Challenger Center for Space Science Education: Solar System Bead Distance Activity (this one is vaguely proportional: it suggests using centimeters to represent AU’s)
Museum Astronomical Resource Society: “How to Make a Solar System Necklace” (not proportional but cool anyway!)

Have you seen any others?
If your universe were a necklace, what would it look like?

WonderWonder's Knitted Solar System
WonderWonder’s Solar System in Pomegranate

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