Planetary Society Interview: The Solar System, in Jewelry Form

I am amazingly wonderfully honored to be interviewed by The Planetary Society about the Astronomy Beadwork project and Solar System Necklace series. In fact, “amazingly wonderfully honored” seems like sort of a silly understatement… I mean… wow!   Being featured next to articles about solar-sail spacecrafts and journeys through the Asteroid Belt is almost as humbling of an experience as looking up into the fantastic, unfathomable Vastness of Space itself!

The Planetary Society’s Emily Stewart Lakdawalla asks some very thoughtful questions about jewelry, astronomical data, and getting both sides of the brain to work together.

Check out the article here:
The Solar System, in Jewelry Form

In addition to being a journalist for the Planetary Society, Lakdawalla also makes Space-themed artwork: I’m a big fan of her Hayabusa Spacecraft Amigurumi and Moons of Saturn Quilt.

The Planetary Society was started by Carl Sagan & cohorts, and is now directed by Bill Nye: they build amazing stuff and explore the unknowns of our neighbors out in the black….

Yeah, wow again…

Solar System Necklace

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2 Responses to Planetary Society Interview: The Solar System, in Jewelry Form

  1. The glowing blue Jedi-apparition of Carl Sagan would be proud!

  2. laura says:

    aww thanks! i like the idea of the blue Jedi-apparition of Carl Sagan floating about — what would he think about the universe today?

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