Maker Faire, Average Jane Crafter & More Adventures in Astronomy Beadwork

The last month has been a blur of production, development, presentations, lectures, and life’s general mayhem! A few highlights:

I’m still glowing with delight since my Astronomy Beadwork presentation won an Editor’s Choice Award at Maker Faire this year! In addition to having a fantastic time, seeing wonderful things, and meeting excellent people, I got to take home a shiny blue ribbon!

Somehow, due to the great and awesome serendipity of the Universe, the Astronomy Beadwork presentation at the Craft Demo Stage was captured in this Totally Amazing Panoramic Picture of Maker Faire, which is likely the most accurate depiction I’ve seen of the mad wonderful chaos that is Maker Faire (and it’s probably the coolest picture of me presenting that I could wish for!). Super thanks to Cris Benson for sharing the photo.

Maker Faire Panoramic

…and there are a few fun pictures and comments about the Solar System Necklace over at Average Jane Crafter, including this excellent shot of the necklace on writer Rachel Hobson next to Han Solo in carbonite at Lucasfilm. :)

Rachel gives the Solar System Necklace another awesome review, saying “…the necklace was ten times more gorgeous in person. It’s weighty and tactile – I love it!” — (Thanks, Rachel!)

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