What does your Universe Look Like?

The project I’m sharing at Maker Faire this year is Astronomy Beadwork: beaded necklaces that depict the proportional distances of Space.

My query for you out there, is “What does your Universe Look Like?”

In my studies in Art History, I noticed that almost all ancient and modern cultures create Cosmograms, visual representations of the universe as we know it. The Astronomy-themed Solar System Necklace Series are decorative Cosmograms, wearable maps of our universe using the sacred numbers of our Solar System.

I like how using beads conveys the abstract distances of Space in a familiar decorative object. I chose inky black shiny glass beads to represent Space, and stone beads to represent the planets, since they often look like miniature planets themselves.

How do you visualize your Universe? What would your personal Cosmogram be made with?

Are we large? small? light? dark? Are we made from stone? glass? metal? marshmallows?

I would love to hear your thoughts…

(you can also follow this conversation at Gravity Maker World.)

Maker Faire

Solar System Necklace measuring the distances of Space.

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