Chain of Being

Infographic & Decorative Accessories – Wear What You Love!

2 Responses to Chain of Being

  1. Barb Besal says:

    Curious about shipping options… hoping to have this gift to my friend by next Friday. Would it be possible? Will pay extra shipping if needed to ensure arrival before Friday 7/29.

    Thanks! Your products are great!

  2. chainofb says:

    Hi Barb,
    We usually ship via USPS First Class,
    where standard delivery within the United states varies:
    “usually in 3 or 4 days”, says the post office clerk.

    If you prefer, we can also expedite orders:

    Priority Mail “delivers within 2 days in most cases”
    for an extra $4.95.

    Express Mail is said to be overnight delivery,
    for an extra $18.30.

    If you would like to use one of these shipping options,
    you can send the extra shipping charge via PayPal:
    just send us a note along with your order!

    Thanks for your comment – I’m glad you like the designs!

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